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Boulder Magic

Written by Craig and posted on June 12th, 2013 | Leave A Comment »

I got a chance for an early summer trip to the Boulder Mountains with some good fishing buddies. We were going to fish a total of 5 lakes, 2 of which usually kicked my butt, and 3 of which I generally dominate. What a weird weekend; the lakes that normally have lock jaw for me were on fire:

 photo 971498_10201535485415321_1534821781_n.jpg

 photo 972311_10201535484895308_1795572600_n.jpg

 photo 972196_10201535484335294_35585807_n.jpg

I was able to land 6 quality brook trout over 18 inches. I also managed to get over 40 fish that day on two lakes where I am generally lucky to get one or two fish. I thought how great this trip was going to be because I was now headed to a couple of lakes where I generally do well. Right off the bat I nailed a nice splake:

 photo 5599_10201549970537440_675885931_n.jpg

Then a standard size cutt came to play:

 photo 399_10201549969537415_1576931207_n.jpg

Then it shut off… I had to work for the next 5 hours and only got a couple more small fish. What a disappointment! This lake is usually a “go to” lake for me. I then used my redneck engineering degree to load up my UTV to get the tube to the next lake:

 photo 1005953_10201546149801924_841340935_n.jpg

This lake just had no love for me. I worked it hard and only managed to lose one small cutt before getting it in hand. I headed in and my buddy was working it hard out there. Come to find out while I was napping in the shade he had landed his biggest brook trout to date! The fish did a back-flip and was camera shy but still a great experience for my buddy. The next morning we were going to do a little hiking to a lake that holds some larger tiger trout. The day started out with a dandy 22″ fish:
 photo 944107_10201546149281911_335263656_n.jpg

Then it shut off and we only caught one other small cutt between us. We cut our losses, hiked out, and made it home to have dinner with our families. Overall a great weekend on the mountain with some great people!

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