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Fishing with Dad

Written by Brad and posted on September 8th, 2010 | Comments »

Dad and I spent last Saturday at a pond we have frequented over the past 3 or 4 years. A good family friend allows us access to fish, which has always been greatly appreciated. We arrived just after 10:00 am with hopes of repeating past years’ success.

This year turned out a little bit differently. A thunderstorm had moved through the night before and with it the accompanying wind. I know I should probably censor that word, as most float tube/pontoon fisherman consider it one of the worst of the 4 letter kind. The majority of the day was spent rowing, fighting wind and moss, and not fighting enough fish.

Here is an idea of what we were facing. We had a few short moments of calm:

And a few more moments of this:


It was tough fishing. I also think this pond had a hard winter, as we saw far fewer fish than previous years. We had one stretch of calm following a cloud burst that had fish rising after small mayflies. The fish were extremely spooky and held on the fringes of casting range. I stood on the seat of my pontoon and did manage a few strikes, but fought and lost every fish in the moss monster that had accumulated over the warm summer months.

Dad did bring one fish to hand, a pretty 17″ Cutt-bow, and with no signs of calm waters ahead, we called it a day. Maybe next year I’ll do a little better.


Brad fell in love with fishing the spring creeks and small rivers of his childhood home in Western Wyoming, however, the opportunity to go with Grandpa to Alaska really set the hook. Brad now lives in Northern Utah where he chases trout as often as he can, and mixes in a few trips here and there to chase more exotic species.

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3 Comments on “Fishing with Dad”

  1. Dave Says:

    Looks like a fun trip. That wind can be the worst thing for a fly fisherman. Thanks for the report. Cool site, I love the Logos and designs.

  2. Kyle Says:

    Looks like a healthy fish! Nice work man.

  3. Brad Says:


    Thanks, it beats a day at work, even if the fishing wasn’t fast and furious. I appreciate your comments, we’ll be putting out some cool hats and shirts with a few designs shortly. So keep checking back.

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