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Thank you for your interest in contributing to For The Rise. FTR provides a unique and exciting way to publish your fishing stories, reports, tips, tactics, fly patterns, products, and more, on the web at an outlet other than your personal blog, website, or social media site. By contributing to FTR you will see increased exposure for yourself, your website/blog, brand, or products.

How does it work?

How does it work you ask? It’s really simple, and we do most of the “technical” stuff for you. Simply send in your content via email to When your content gets posted online, you will be notified, we will advertise your post through our social media outlets, and other avenues. This directs traffic to your post, and on to your website, blog, or social media site if you so desire. We, in turn, have another great story to post on FTR.

Every author gets what?

The last thought on your mind is probably “what’s in it for me?” Well, there’s a lot in it for you actually. Because we are constantly posting great content, our viewership is always growing and our viewers will see your post, your email address and want to learn more about you. This will drive traffic to your site and traffic means good things in the internet world. But traffic isn’t the only thing you’ll get — a bit of credibility comes along as well. When you get published on sites that you do not own, you’re presence and credibility increase – thus leading to more opportunities down the road. Heck – maybe someone will invite you on a killer fishing trip, or be so impressed with your stories that they want to be your bfff (ask a 13 year old girl what that means, because we aren’t sure).

For each entry submitted we provide an easy way for our readers to check out anything you want to show them (family appropriate of course) with a author bio, photo, and links to anywhere on the web–all attached to every post on FTR.

Each “About the Author” snippet will have your name, a short bio about yourself, links to your website, social media sites and an integrated gravatar image. Also included will be a small “tag” or a link that will show a page of only your posts on FTR. An example is shown below:


How to submit your content

Here are a couple of examples of how to submit your content to us depending on the type of media you want to share.

A story, report, photos, or short article: Simply type your text content (you can use a text editor, word processor, or just as text in an email and send it to Attach your photos as attachements to your email (high resolution is the best) and we’ll take care of the rest. If we suggest any edits to your content, those edits will be returned to you before posting for your approval.

*Note: High resolution images are requested (bigger than 300 kb, or don’t resize them after you download them from your camera). We reserve the right to edit your photos to increase aesthetic value as we deem fit. We may also use your photo for promotional use, unless you specify otherwise.

A video: Whether its a tutorial on how to tie a specific fly pattern, a clip of the day fishing, or a cool video you watche online — we want to see all of it. The easiest way for us to share these is to put your video (if you have the rights to it) on YouTube or Vimeo and send us a link. We can simply embed the file on our site for all of our viewers to enjoy.

Contact Us

The word “us” is used rather loosely as this is more or less (actually less) a one man show. But if you do have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to email