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Rainbows After a Long Winter

Written by Craig and posted on June 12th, 2013 | Leave A Comment »

It has been a long cold winter and the time has finally come to get out and do some fishing. This will be a combination of a couple of reports I have been on two trips this year chasing spawing rainbows. The first trip went off without a hitch we timed it perfectly and had the whole lake to ourselves with just enough ice pulling back for two guys to fish. All the reports had everyone believing that it was just a week to early. We gambled and won:

 photo photo21-1_zpsdd6e77f9.jpg

 photo photo26_zpsc15cb6fb.jpg

My buddy Steve was able to hook up from shore on the fly rod:

 photo photo20_zps2ac6fe7c.jpg

The next trip was an anual trip we make every spring with a good group of buddies. This year was adventerous since it rained and the roads were extremly muddy. I slipped off and was balanced over a cliff in my truck very scary stuff. Had to walk back to cell coverage luckily a DWR person saw me and offered me a ride saved me 4 miles of hiking. About 3 hours later and my wallet $250 lighter I was back on the road. The lake did not dissapoint we had our fill of chubby bows here are some examples.

 photo 179914_10201368376317698_128525955_n.jpg

 photo 934113_10201368376877712_701068231_n.jpg

 photo 941289_10201368375797685_1737142545_n.jpg

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