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Spring is in the Air!

Written by Kurtis Brooks and posted on April 1st, 2014 | Leave A Comment »


Spring is in the air! Rivers are beginning to rise and Steelhead are running to their spawning grounds. Those of us who are gluttons for punishment start to drool with excitement remembering the one-day we ripped so many lips it wasn’t fair. That wasn’t to be the case for us that weekend, but we blocked out any negative vibes with high hopes of an epic steelhead adventure. The weather promised to be pleasant in Central Idaho for our trip. This should have been our clue because there isn’t such a thing as “pleasant” weather in Central Idaho during spring.

I collected my gear and sorted flies and beads that have proven to be true killers in the past. Can there be too many options?


The assault crew consisted of my brother, two close friends, a newby (aka;newbs), and myself. “Newby” (def)- somebody new to steelhead fishing. This isn’t to discount their fishing ability, just a category in which to place someone amongst experienced Steelhead fishermen (however proficient).

The above pic is the way our trip ended shoulda, coulda, woulda… Though we did end up with a couple steelhead between five of us during our three-day trip, nobody seemed to have a camera available to capture the “hero shot.” Even the little trout that whacked Green Butt Skunk on the swing gave me the slip before we could document our one and only fish pic of the weekend. Most importantly, we were on the water trying to make it happen. Any western steelheader will tell you we did ok given our quarry.

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