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Hang up the Tube

Written by Craig and posted on November 2nd, 2011 | Leave A Comment »

I have this particular lake in the middle of the coldest part of the state I like to visit in the fall and at ice off. It takes a commitment to go because there are few other options in the area if the fishing is off. I made a couple of 1/2 day solo float trips there this fall to chase the monsters. Although I did not find a fish over 27″ I continue to go and chase them because I know they are there. I had 2 heavy fish break me off an leave me haunted with that feeling of what could have been. I was fortunate enough to land several fish over what I will take out a camera for 20″ or better. Luckily for me in all three species the rainbow, tiger, and a surprise cutthroat. Hope you enjoy the pictures with the ice monster looming time to hang up the float tube for the winter.



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